457 Visa Refusals - Have Your Decision Reviewed & Overturned

The Full Federal Court has now overturned the widely unpopular decision in the case of Lee v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection. Previously, 457 visa applicants faced obstacles in reviewing their visa refusals where there was not a valid nomination in place. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has sent many notices to these affected persons stating that they had no review rights. Now, as a result of the recent case of Ahmad v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, it has been determined that these notices were in fact invalid, and as such, these 457 visa reviewal applicants have the opportunity to challenge their refusal because of the invalid notices.

If you believe you are affected by this recent case, please get in contact with one of our experienced registered migration lawyers as soon as possible! The recent cases relating to this issue has demonstrated just how quickly legal rights can be given and taken away!