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  • The Migration Place team have years of experience when it comes to the 485 temporary graduate visa.

    485 Visa Purpose

    Many international students travel to Australia to complete their higher education.  Unfortunately, once the student visa expires, many of them are forced to return to their home country.  The main purpose of the 485 visa (sometimes referred to as the visa 485) is to help solve this problem.  It acts as a temporary graduate visa that allows students to stay for an extended period of time after their studies, and it enables them to find employment.

    The Migration Place has extensive experience helping students obtain the 485 graduate visa, and working with us can help ensure that you will be receive visa 485 as fast as possible and for the lowest cost.

    485 Visa Eligibility

    Students from many different fields and types of higher education are eligible to apply for this temporary graduate visa.  The basic requirements that the applicant must meet are as following:

    • 485 visaHave a valid passport
    • Have either a 572, 573, or 547 student visa
    • Be in Australia
    • Be under 50
    • Speak English
    • Have attained an eligible qualification within six months

    In addition to this list, there are many more specific needs that must be met.  However, they are complex and depend on multiple different factors (such as when the original student visa was obtained).  Applicants will also have to prove they have health insurance, undergo security background checks, and follow other standard guidelines for obtaining a visa.

    The experts at The Migration Place can help you determine your specific eligibility requirements, verify that you’re submitting the proper documents, and answer any other questions you may have regarding your particular situation.

    Employment Allowances and Restrictions

    One of the many benefits of the 485 visa is that it doesn’t have any restrictions on employment.  Holders of the visa are responsible for finding their own job, but they are eligible to work in any position of any industry.

    Duration of the 485 Visa

    The 485 visa will be valid for different periods of time depending on various circumstances.  The length of time is generally between 18 months and four years, but it depends on one of two tracks that you apply for, and also on which degree you have earned.  The migration place can help you be sure that you’ve applied for the longest possible duration, and then you can rest assured that you’ll be in the Australian sunshine as much as possible.

    Following are the two different streams you can apply for, and the general breakdown of timelines for each:

    • Graduate Work Stream
      • Valid for 18 months
    • Post-Study Work Stream (time depends on highest degree applied with)
      • Bachelor, Bachelor with Honours, Masters by Coursework, or Extended Masters Degrees are valid for two years
      • Masters by Research Degree is valid for three years
      • Doctoral Degree is valid for four years

    Obtaining the 485 Visa

    In order to receive the temporary graduate visa, you must be in Australia both when you apply and when the decision is made.  All of the necessary documents can be submitted in paperless versions online, but it is also possible to send them by courier. It is important to go over the 485 visa checklist to verify that you have all related documents that you may need. The 485 visa processing time can be variable depending on the influx of new applicants. If you are in a rush to complete your 485 visa it is imperative that you contact an immigration specialist to move your application along as quickly as possible.

    485 Visa Costs and Fees

    As with most immigration documents, the fees for the 485 visa vary depending on the individual situation.  While the Department of Immigration and Border Protection can give an estimate, the best way to ensure the lowest cost is to work with a professional who has experience with a variety of circumstances.

    Bringing Family

    The temporary graduate visa allows you to bring or keep your family members with you in Australia, but since it is a much more complicated process, it is highly recommended to have professional assistance with this form of application.  Failure to submit the correct documents could result in families being separated for a long period of time.

    Through the 485 visa, you can also bring your partner (married or de facto), your or your partner’s dependent children, and any other dependent relatives.  They will also have to prove they meet certain requirements regarding their health and security concerns.

    Once you have applied for the 485 visa, you cannot add anyone except for dependent children until a decision is made.  After you are in Australia, your family can apply to join you, but they must do so via a paper application, so it is not as simple as the online method.

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