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South Australia seeks to help 12000 high net worth migrants live in South Australia under a new proposed visa.

The Australian Property Council says this sort of migration plan is the key to reviving the state’s economy.

They support a new plan to attract 12,000 new migrants from countries like Greece, Italy, Spain and Ireland to South Australia via a special expedited immigration visa.

The South Australian government has become known for its willingness to sponsor skilled and business migrants, due to its limited population growth rate (less than 1%).

This plan would also be supported through relocation costs, low interest home loans and resettlement programs – all in the name of boosting the state’s population and economy.

Those who are of the desired age (family formation age) would be sought and anyone who can fill positions in industries such as defence, construction, logistics, advanced manufacturing and oil and gas.
Some liken this new plan to the “Ten-Pound Tourist” scheme which was very successful.