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TradeSET is an online tool that assists overseas trained trades people to determine whether or not their skills and training match those required to work in the trade in Australia.

Trades Recognition Australia (“TRA”) has released a new version of TradeSET, which is more user friendly, easier to complete and provides a more accurate evaluation of applicants’ trade skills.

For more information on TradeSET or questions on your eligibility to use this service, please contact us at mail@themigrationplace.com.

Please also note that this service is indicative only, and you should not rely upon same as being a definitive assessment of your eligibility (or lack of eligibility).

At The Migration Place, we are experienced at finding alternatives to the straightforward path, and we can advise you on alternative ways of securing a skills assessment.

We also look at whether you (or your partner) have skills which can be relied upon, and our website has a page dedicated to discussing the skilled visas:       https://www.themigrationplace.com/skilled-visa/

We also have some useful FAQs which describe how the points test works – click here to go to the relevant FAQ to see how points are calculated.

We also consider who is the best Assessment Authority to go to for your skills assessment.

Our Principal Migration Lawyer Zeke Bentley has over a decade of experience in helping clients secure skilled visas.

Please contact The Migration Place to request a full legal advice on your eligibility for a fixed fee of $300.00.



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