ACT Dumps Impractical Documentation Requirements - Migration Place

Zeke Bentley, Principal of The Migration Place, and Corina Chen, Senior Associate in charge of migration law, have today welcomed the announcement by the ACT that it is backing down on its unpopular policy of requiring applicants for ACT nomination to photocopy every single page of their passports.

Copying dozens, if not hundreds, of pages – even if they are blank – to apply for ACT nomination imposed a totally unnecessary burden on applicants.

Following an outcry from migration lawyers and agents, the ACT now agrees that the policy was costly, impractical and not in the spirit of red tape reduction, and the guidelines have been amended to restore the previous policy.

Going forward, applicants will only have to provide copies of the biometrics page and any Australian visa labels, which is welcome news for both migration lawyers and applicants for ACT nomination.