ACT Occupation List – comparison of occupations in demand - February 2014 and August 2014 - Migration Place

The ACT Occupation List – August 2014 was published today on A comparison of the occupations now in demand in Canberra, compared with the February 2014 list, is available here.

The Guidelines for ACT nomination of a 190 visa have also been updated with three major changes:

  • The EOI must now be lodged before you apply for ACT nomination; and the record of EOI response attached to the application.  The ACT must be selected as the preferred location.
  • Canberra residents are now not required to provide financial information.
  • All pages of the main applicant’s passport are now required.  You do not have to include the dependents passports unless requested.

Applications that have been lodged and are in the queue for processing, will be assessed against the February 2014 criteria.

Agents with applications currently in progress, but not submitted, must finalise the application by AEST 5pm today (1 August 2014) if you wish to be assessed against the February 2014 criteria.

Applications lodged after 5pm today will be assessed against the August 2014 criteria.