Age limits lifted and foreign workers on work visas can now apply for PR if they (1) are under 50 years old, OR (2) earn more than $118,000 and have been here for 4 years on a 457 - Migration Place

The age limit for accessing some skilled visas has also been extended upwards from 45 to 49 thus allowing older foreign workers to secure permanent residency.

Under the current regime, foreign workers over 45 would likely have had to remain on temporary residence visas, or find an alternative route.

Whilst The Migration Place is proud of their ability to identify alternative solutions for PR for clients of all ages, these changes come as welcome news as they extend the range of PR options available to those over 45 years of age.

The changes relax this limit to 50 years of age thus allowing 457 temporary work visas (aka employer nominated) to secure permanent residency provided they lodge before they turn 50 years old.

In addition those over 50 can also seek PR where on they have been here on 457 visa for 4 years and earn over $118,000 pa.

These changes are accompanied by increased emphasis on training, which is where an experienced migration lawyer can help employers establish eligibility in the most cost effective manner.

The current training requirement requires the employer to prove that they spend an amount equal to one per cent of annual payroll on training, or alternatively, to dedicate 2% of their payroll to future training programs.

The program is ongoing, and must be satisfied on an annual basis.


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