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    australia-immigrationAustralia immigration has a long history that spans many years, and it has increased tremendously over the past century.  The numbers of people approved for migration to Australia increases constantly, and there have been more than 50,000 permanent migrants every year for the past decade.  The current practices don’t discriminate on the basis of race or religion, so anyone is eligible to apply.  Additionally, the main Australian migration streams are based on skill, family, special eligibility, and humanitarian reasons.

    Visit Australia as a Tourist

    Getting a tourist visa for Australia is easier for those from some countries than from others.  Certain countries are on approved lists that allow their citizens to easily visit for short periods of time because they are less concerned that these people will engage in unlawful immigration to Australia.  Citizens of other nations have to go through a more difficult process that includes steps such as providing an itinerary, demonstrating possession of sufficient assets, and proof that the home country provides incentives to return (such as a home, job, and family members residing there).

    Study in Australia

    One of the easiest ways to come to live in Australia is by obtaining student status.  The studies don’t have to be for a full degree, however, and visas are also given for short-term courses such as language learning or occupational skills.  Unfortunately, student visas almost never comes with permanent residency for the holder.  Nonetheless, it can make it easier to get a work visa that can be extended to remain indefinitely for those attempting to migrate to Australia.

    Work in Australia

    There are many different types of work visas offered for Australia, and they have a range of requirements and benefits, but they are a great path towards Australia immigration.  Some are temporary, and others are given on a permanent basis.  Almost all working visas require some sort of sponsor, and this is usually either a company or a branch of the government.

    Live in Australia

    Besides the two former ways, there are other options for obtaining a visa with the goal of Australian migration.  For example, family reunification allows family members to join others already living there.  Also, people can retire to Australia if they can prove certain conditions, such as having saved a specific amount of money.

    Path to Citizenship

    Even without being Australian, there are many methods that allow people to obtain citizenship which is the most beneficial status for anyone wanting to permanently live in Australia.  Many visas, whether they are based on employment, family reunification, or some other reason, can give permanent residency to the holder after a certain amount of time, and this can eventually qualify the holder for citizenship.  Obtaining citizenship is not easy or fast to do, so it is best to do a lot of planning in advance.

    The Migration Place

    Our office has many experienced migration lawyers and migration agents who have helped a countless number of people fulfill their goals of Australian migration.  We are so confident at the quality of our performance that we guarantee our work and provide a refund policy on fees in situations where it isn’t successful.  Additionally, we constantly attend professional development seminars and regularly invest in research libraries on immigration law to make sure that we are completely updated on the current laws and best practices.  Many of our clients are referred by their friends who were satisfied with our services, and we truly believe this says a lot about the level of quality we provide.

    Australia Immigration Services Offered

    There is a vast amount of areas included in Australia immigration, and we offer a wide variety of different services to assist you.  For example, we can help give you information and advice about visa eligibility in your particular situation.  Additionally, we can perform document preparation for submissions that need to be made to the immigration officials.  Also, we can help with preparation of recommended supporting documents needed for your case, and we can obtain official translations and certifications of documents coming from abroad.

    When you are trying to migrate to Australia, we will stay with you all the way through the application process, from the beginning until the time when you receive your visa.  If there are any gaps in your visa status, we can provide assistance in obtaining any bridging visas that would be beneficial for you.  Overall, we can help you understand the Australian laws and make sure you follow all necessary rules, so please reach out to us if you have any questions about the process of immigration to Australia.

    Awards Won

    • Finance Monthly – Law Awards 2017: Migration Law Firm of the Year – Australia
    • Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2016: Migration Lawyer of the Year
    • AI M&A Award 2015: Most Innovative Migration Firm Australia

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