Australia scores second in an international study on where people would move to for employment and lifestyle changes. - Migration Place

The Global Professionals on the Move 2012 survey (conducted by recruiting firm Hydrogen Group) shows:

  1. 9 per cent of respondents picked Australia as their destination of choice – edged out only by the US on 13 per cent. Interestingly the United nations also ranks countries – and Australia ranks second in that study, whereas the USA is ranked close to number 30.
  2. This number two ranking is the result of a number of factors, according to the researchers, who highlighted the ongoing resource boom and high quality of life as the two main points for consideration.
  3. there was an increasing appreciation of what international travel could do for a professional’s career – with 86 per cent noting that it advanced their professional progression and 83 per cent finding that they experienced a boost in their salaries after a stint overseas.

Australia consistently ranks in the top 5 of every study that The Migration Place has read, irrespective of the focus of the relevant study.