Australian businesses must ensure foreign workers have valid work rights - Migration Place

Officers from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) have been raiding businesses to ensure that all foreign workers have valid work rights.
One WA construction business was raided and the DIAC found seven workers who were illegally employed in the first place, and to make matters worse, failed to leave Australia before their visa expired.

“It is the responsibility of employers to ensure that non-Australian workers they hire hold a visa with valid work rights” said a DIAC spokesman.

The individuals were transferred to a detention facility and will be removed from the country.

DIAC have found more than 60 foreign nationals in Australia in the last month who were hired in breach of their visa conditions.

Employers can check a worker’s work rights (with the individuals’ consent) on short notice via a free Visa Entitlement Verification Online service.

If a business hires a non-Australian in breach of their visa conditions, then the business can be fined up to $66 000 for each offence.
The manager responsible could face penalties of $13,200 and up to two years in prison.

Please contact The Migration Place if you are an employer who employs foreign nationals.
It is wise to ensure your business’ ability to employ foreigners is maintained by ensuring all of your workers are lawfully able to work for you.
We are also experienced in helping businesses who face prosecutions for employing foreigners without work rights.