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Japan and Australia recently signed an Economic Partnership Agreement which came into force on 15 January 2015.

As part of the Agreement, it will become easier to be granted a 457 Visa for some Japanese nationals and employees of Japanese businesses transferring to Australian braches. This is due to the removal of the requirement that a sponsoring business undertake labour market testing.

Other effects of the new agreement is that Australia will provide entry and temporary stay for:

  • Japanese intra-corporate transferees for up to two years for specialists and up to four years for an executive or a senior manager;
  • Japanese investors for up to two years;
  • Japanese contractual service providers for up to one year; and
  • Japanese business visitors for up to 90 days.

Australia will also provide entry and stay for dependants and spouses of those Japanese migrants granted entry under Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement  for a period of longer than one year.

The Australian Government has committed to process these applications expeditiously and will respond quickly to all enquiries from persons interested in entry and temporary stay under the Agreement.

Zeke Bentley, Principal of The Migration Place, welcomes these changes, stating that, “as Japan is Australia’s second largest trading partner, this Agreement will deliver substantial benefits to the Australian economy.”

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