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  • Australian Migration Visa Overview

    Australia is a nation with a long history of immigration.  As a beautiful country with a high standard of living, many people from around the world would like to be able to call it home.  There are tons of options when looking to obtain an Australian migration visa, so many types of people can find some way to qualify.

    At The Migration Place, we have helped tons of people realize their dream of becoming Australian residents.  Whether you are deep into the application process or struggling to find out a way to start, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We can walk you through the whole process, and our competitive rates mean you will easily be able to get rid of the stress that comes with such an intimidating application.

    Australian Migration Visa Requirements

    As there are many types of visas that allow the holder to migrate to Australia, it’s impossible to give the overall requirements.  There are some general requirements, however.  For example, nearly every visa forces the applicant to prove that they don’t have any health or security issues that will be risky or dangerous to the Australian public.  Additionally, almost all of them require the applicant to have some sort of sponsor from Australia (usually a person, company, or the government).

    Other than that, the only way to know the true requirements is to look at each specific visa that you could possibly qualify for.

    Temporary and Permanent Residency

    One major difference that often determines the difficulty of obtaining a visa is the duration that it is valid for.  For example, a visitor visa or student visa are generally very easy to get from passport holders of most countries, but they aren’t a good solution for an Australian migration visa because they are only offered for a short time and have many restrictions.

    However, some visas are temporary, but they are designed to allow for an extension to permanent status.  One example of this is a working visa, and a temporary version allows the employee to have an easier time migrating to Australia so the company can evaluate them.  After a pre-determined period (such as two years), they can apply for a new type of visa with a permanent duration, and it’s possible because of the time already spent working in Australia.

    Australian Citizenship

    Citizenship is the best status for anyone wishing to remain in Australia for a long period of time.  Unfortunately, it is difficult and time consuming to obtain.  The best way of doing this is to map out a strategy of temporary or permanent visas that will cause the holder to become eligible for citizenship.  It’s a very good idea to get an expert’s assistance with planning this, though, because making an error could cause the process to take extra years before being able to finish.

    Australian Migration Visa Types

    Aside from the duration of visas from temporary to permanent, there are many different categories available.  For instance, there are visas for students, tourists, workers, people visiting family members, experts doing research, performers putting on a show, and many other situations.

    The list and types are too extensive to write everything here, but feel free to contact one of our experts, and we can narrow down your options for you!

    Australian Migration Visa Application Process

    The actual process for applying for a visa also depends on which application you are submitting and your current status.  However, most visas can be primarily managed through online submissions.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t make it as easy as it sounds because you often still have to get many official documents, and they usually need to be translated and certified in the proper manner.

    Bringing Family Members on an Australian Migration Visa

    In cases where one family member is able to obtain an Australian migration visa, such as a skilled worker being hired by a company, it is almost always possible to bring dependent family members with them.  Also, after obtaining a higher status, such as citizenship or permanent residency, it is usually possible to sponsor other family members so they can also get a visa to move to Australia.

    Help Getting an Australian Migration Visa

    As we’ve pointed out, the difficulty of obtaining a visa varies greatly depending on which you are applying for.  But, one of the hardest parts is deciding which visa you can qualify that will also meet your long-term goals, and we can make that whole process extremely simple for you.

    Awards Won

    • Finance Monthly – Law Awards 2017: Migration Law Firm of the Year – Australia
    • Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2016: Migration Lawyer of the Year
    • AI M&A Award 2015: Most Innovative Migration Firm Australia

    For all matters concerning Australian migration visa applications, contact The Migration Place today.