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  • What is an Australian Professional Visa?

    If you’re a motivated and driven person who has the desire to work, it’s possible that you can get a visa to be employed in Australia.  There are many choices to make if you want an Australian professional visa because they can be granted for both temporary and permanent time periods, and they can be given to skilled or unskilled workers.  If you don’t know exactly which visa you want, feel free to contact us at The Migration Place because our experts are experienced with many different types of visas.  Once you tell us about your situation, we will be able to easily lay out and explain your different options, and then we’re able to go through every step of the application process to make sure you’re working in Australia as soon as possible!

    Australian Professional Visa Requirements

    With everything from an Australian manager visa to a superyacht crew visa, there are many different possibilities.  Unfortunately, this wide range of choices makes it very difficult to summarize the requirements because they vary significantly across the different types.  However, almost all of them require a sponsor that needs to be part of the process before the applicant is able to travel to Australia.  These sponsors can be different depending on the specific situation, but they are often either the company that wants to hire the employee or a regional government that is in need of specific skilled workers.

    Temporary Australian Professional Visa

    A temporary visa is one that has a set end date, and they are usually valid for four years or less.  Sometimes these can be used as a pathway to obtaining a permanent visa, and other times they are really only designed for short stays.  Generally, a temporary Australian professional visa is easier to obtain than one for long-term purposes.

    Permanent Australian Professional Visa

    Many people incorrectly assume that it’s very difficult to get a permanent work visa to Australia.  This may be true for some people, but it’s often pretty straightforward for anyone with a useful background.  Australia has a strong and diverse economy, so there is quite often a need to search overseas for skilled workers in exchange for permanent immigration.  Also, careful planning can allow for multiple temporary visas to turn into a permanent status for the holder.  An example of this would be travelling to Australia on a student visa, extending the status to a working visa, and finally applying for a permanent work visa after remaining in Australia for an appropriate amount of time.  An immigration lawyer can help you discover and plan these types of strategies.

    Working Holiday Visa

    Many young people seize the opportunity to move to Australia on a temporary basis with a Working Holiday or Work and Holiday visa.  Basically, these are visas that are granted for up to one year, and they are designed to let the holder temporarily work in unskilled jobs, such as those in the service sector.  Their primary purpose is to encourage exchange of culture between countries that will allow for better friendships and closer ties in the future.  They are generally restricted to those between 18 and 31 years of age, and they don’t allow the holder to bring any dependent children or family members.

    Skilled Worker Visa

    The government publishes lists of necessary occupations that are currently needed in Australia, and they also define the necessary qualifications needed to fit the description.  Additionally, the potential employee will have to be able to prove that they are capable of meeting these requirements and performing the necessary tasks.  Some of the ways that this is usually done is by taking exams and showing relative certifications.  After fulfilling these requirements, an applicant will be granted a temporary or permanent work visa.

    Australian Manager Visa

    There are many opportunities for managers who want to immigrate to Australia and open a new business, or expand an existing one.  For example, there is a Business Talent visa that allows for successful business owners to expand to Australia, or makes it easier for venture capitalists to immigrate with the intention of investing.  Another example is the Business Innovation and Investment visa, and this one is meant to keep professionals in Australia by upgrading their status from temporary to permanent.  Many of these visas grant permanent status to the holders to encourage them to continue to invest and help grow the Australian economy.

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