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    There are many possible ways to go to Australia, but one of the most popular methods is by being recognized as a student.  An Australian student visa is one of the most straightforward visas to get, and it is generally possible to get no matter where you come from.  While studying, you also have the opportunity to get the experience of living in a beautiful country, you will be able to practice (and probably master) your English language skills, and you will finish up as a more educated person.

    At The Migration Place, we have helped an enormous number of students realize their dreams by getting to study in Australia.  Even if the application procedure seems intimidating, difficult, or impossible, we can do everything possible to get you through it successfully.

    Types of Australian Student Visa Schooling

    There isn’t a restriction on one single type of school that will allow you to get an Australian student visa.  You have to apply for different specific visas depending on what and where you will study, but that will be covered in a following section.  Here is a list of possible types of studies that are acceptable:

    australian student visa

    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Master’s Degree
    • PhD
    • Language learning
    • Vocational and Professional Courses

    However, this list isn’t completely exhaustive.  If you have something else in mind, but you aren’t sure it qualifies, contact us at The Migration Place and we’ll help you find out if it can make you eligible for an Australian student visa.

    Various Student Visa Types

    There isn’t just a single Australian student visa that applies to everyone who is studying something.  Instead it is a broad topic with multiple different visas inside of it.  For example, there is a visa for professionals who are taking a training course to improve their job skills, there is another one for learners of the English language, there is a separate one for postgraduate students who are conducting research, and there are visas for many other specific purposes.

    Unfortunately, not all Australian study visas allow for the same benefits and requirements. It’s very wise to consult with a professional to ensure you get the best visa for your situation, otherwise you could end up limited in certain factors of your life (such as not being able to work while you are studying).

    Australian Study Visa Duration

    As with all aspects of the various Australian student visas, the duration you will be allowed to stay can depend on different circumstances.  But, most in cases, the visa will be granted for the length of your course or courses, and an additional 28 days will be added to the end to allow adequate time to depart the country.

    Australian MBA Visa

    One very popular degree to obtain in Australia is an MBA, or Master of Business Administration.  Many students find this a great place to learn such a degree because it is a global economic and trade center.  Additionally, as the local language is English, students from many linguistic backgrounds can perfect their business vocabulary in everyday life.

    Australian Student Visa Requirements

    Again, the requirements for an Australian visa vary significantly depending on the situation of the applicant.  Generally, there aren’t any age limitations, and the visa can be obtained by nationals of any country.  Obviously, the prospective student must be enrolled in an approved course, and the appropriate documentation must be submitted to prove it.  Working with a migration expert in the Australian immigration system can make sure that you meet all the necessary requirements and supply all the necessary documentation to start your course on time.

    Eligibility for Employment

    Many Australian student visas allow the holder to work a part-time job, but not all of them.  Even when they do, they often limit the working time to 20 hours per week during the course, and then allow for 40 hours during school breaks.  Because you can earn a substantial amount of money to help with your living costs, it is worth making sure your visa will allow you to do this.

    Accompanying Family Members

    Most of the time, it’s possible to bring certain family members with you through your Australian student visa, and it is usually limited to your partner and any dependent children (or other family members).  If you’re concerned about this aspect, please contact The Migration Place and we’ll do everything possible to make sure your family can stay together.

    Awards Won

    • Finance Monthly – Law Awards 2017: Migration Law Firm of the Year – Australia
    • Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2016: Migration Lawyer of the Year
    • AI M&A Award 2015: Most Innovative Migration Firm Australia

    For all matters concerning Australian student visa applications, contact The Migration Place today.