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  • Australian Trade Visa Overview

    If you want to get an Australian trade visa, you have many different options.  You will have to determine if you just need one short trip, or if it will be necessary for you to remain for a longer period of time.  Also, there is a major difference between travelling for a specific purpose, such as a trade show, than intending to open a new branch of your company in Australia.

    Our experts at The Migration Place can handle the application for any type of Australian trade visa.  We can analyze your current situation and advise you on the best strategy to meet your goals, whether they are short or long term.

    Australian Trade Visa Requirements

    Unfortunately, there is no short answer about the requirements for a trade visa.  This is because there are many different options available, and they all have different specifications that need to be met.  For example, a short visit for a sales meeting can be very easy to arrange for passport holders of most countries.  Conversely, attempting to permanently relocate to Australia to open a new branch of a company is extremely complicated and time consuming.

    Short-Term Australian Trade Visa

    If you are only going to be participating in simple business tasks for a very short period of time, it’s very likely that you’ll be able to enter Australia on a visitor visa.  These must be applied for outside of Australia, but the application can be done online without a visit to an immigration office (in most cases).  They generally allow for the holder to enter Australia for maximum periods of three months over the course of a year.

    However, these can only be used for situations such as business enquiries, contract negotiations, or attending conferences or trade shows (as a participant, not someone paid to attend).  It’s critical that you make sure that your activities are allowed before using this method because you could face rather severe penalties for breaking the rules.

    Long-Term Australian Trade Visa

    Getting a long-term trade visa to Australia is significantly more complex.  Generally, for any multi-year or permanent visa, the applicant has to have a sponsor.  So, if you are being hired by a company, they will fill this role.  But, if you are attempting to expand a business to Australia, you will have to follow different methods.  There are many options for individuals or companies, but they usually require detailed proof of successful operations abroad, access to substantial assets, and many other factors.  These types of visas almost always require the assistance of an immigration expert, but we can explain all your options to you so you’ll have a good estimate of the time, money, and difficulty involved in applying.

    Permanent Residency and Citizenship

    There are many options for individuals who wish to obtain a trade visa that will allow them to remain in Australia indefinitely.  Once you obtain a permanent visa, it’s generally possible to continue living and working in Australia until satisfying all the requirements for citizenship.  This is a fairly common practice, but it takes years to achieve.

    Bringing Commercial Goods

    If you intend to import large quantities of anything you are selling, you will have to go through the standard import procedure.  Also, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that certain items may face quarantines or other restrictions if they could possibly contain anything damaging to the Australian ecosystem.

    If you are just bringing samples to use on sales trips or at trade shows, the restrictions are less complex.  However, you still need to obtain a carnet or other kind of permission in most cases, but the requirements vary depending on what you are bringing.  Our experts would be more than happy to hear what you need to bring with you, and we will be able to tell you the exact procedure to make sure you don’t run into any problems while crossing the border.

    Expert Assistance Obtaining a Trade Visa

    Knowing all of this, it’s quite easy to see how the process of obtaining an Australian trade visa can be fairly complicated.  Additionally, the risk is much higher than when simply hoping to go on a holiday.  If you make mistakes in your application process, you may face delays in your travel plans which can put your business at risk.  But, if you seek our help, we can make sure you successfully get the appropriate visa as fast as possible.

    For all matters concerning Australian trade visa applications, contact The Migration Place today.