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Australian Travel Visa

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  • Australian Travel Visa Overview

    Australia is a popular travel destination for many different reasons, and there are various visas to try to serve all of the different situations.  The Migration Place has experience helping travelers obtain many different types of Australian travel visas, and we would be happy to advise you on the best choice in your particular situation.

    Who Needs an Australian Travel Visa?

    Some sort of travel visa is required for anyone who is not an Australian citizen but would like to visit the country.  Australian citizens are only required to have a valid travel document, such as a passport, to enter the country, and citizens of New Zealand can generally obtain a very easy visa upon arrival.

    For all other visitors, they are required to have a valid passport, a valid visa (or similar document) that allows them to enter Australia, and a completed Incoming Passenger Card.  Also, the necessary type of visa depends on two main factors.  First, the purpose of their stay is important because there are certain documents for specific types of travel.  Next, there country of origin is critical because certain countries have agreements with Australia to make travel easier.

    Australian Travel Visa Types

    There are five main visas that are commonly used to visit Australia:

    • Visitor visa
    • Electronic Travel Authority
    • eVisitor
    • Medical Treatment visa
    • Special Category Visa

    Please note that in some cases it’s possible that someone is eligible for more than one type of visa.  In these situations, it’s wise to determine which is the easiest to obtain, and an immigration lawyer can help you with this if necessary.

    Visitor Visa

    This is a very straightforward Australian travel visa that many people use when they are simply intending to go on a holiday, or if they are going to visit relatives or friends who live in Australia.  Additionally, this visa can be used by students, but only if their course is for a period of three months or less.

    Also, this visa can be used by people intending to perform business related activities during their trip, but they must meet a few additional requirements.  First, they must not be employed by an Australian business or organization, and they cannot be providing services on their behalf.  Second, a holder of this visa is not permitted to sell any sort of goods or services to the general public.

    This visa can be applied for from both inside or outside of Australia, but an internal application requires that the applicant already has a valid visa.

    Electronic Travel Authority

    The Electronic Travel Authority, or ETA, is an authority that is stored by the Australian Department of Immigration, and it allows the holder to visit Australia for periods of up to three months.  But, the ETA has one much larger convenience attached to it!  It remains valid for an entire year, and the holder is allowed to visit Australia an unlimited amount of times during this period (as long as the stays are less than three months each).

    This can only be applied for from outside of Australia.


    This is another electronically stored authority, and it’s quite similar to the Electronic Travel Authority.  It also allows for unlimited visits in a 12 month period (with three month time limits), but it has one major difference.  While the ETA is available to anyone, the eVisitor can only be obtained by passport holders of certain countries.

    Again, this can only be applied for from outside of Australia.

    Medical Treatment visa

    This is an Australian travel visa intended for those who need to visit for medical reasons.  It is designed for people to travel to Australia because they need to be present for medical treatment or consultations, to support someone who needs medical treatment, or to take part in an organ donation procedure.  This visa can be applied for from both inside and outside of Australia, but there are additional requirements that must be met for an internal application.

    Special Category visa

    Finally, this type of Australian travel visa is designed to make it easier for New Zealand citizens to visit.  It generally allows them to come to Australia for the purposes of visiting, working, studying, and staying in Australia.  This visa doesn’t need to be applied for in advance, but the potential holder can be denied entry for reasons such as health or security concerns.

    For all matters concerning Australian travel visa applications, contact The Migration Place today.