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Australian Visa Eligibility

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  • Australian Visa Eligibility Overview

    For people wishing to travel to Australia, there is an extremely wide range of visa options available.  Because of this, nearly everyone can be eligible for a visa one way or another.  However, some visas are only valid for very short periods of time, and others are permanent.  Some have a lot of restrictions, and others offer many different freedoms.

    If you feel lost in any part of your Australian visa eligibility situation, don’t hesitate to contact our immigration experts at The Migration Place.  We can help answer your questions, and we will also be able to examine your situation and advise you on any other pathways that would be more beneficial for you.  Additionally, we can obviously help you through the whole visa application process.

    Temporary vs. Permanent Visas

    One of the first questions you should ask yourself is about the duration of time you would like to stay in Australia.  If you only want to stay for a short period of time, it’s very likely that you will be able to enter as a visitor, and this is good news because Australian visitor visa requirements are some of the least strict.  However, if you want to stay permanently, you’re going to face a lot more challenges.

    Australian Visitor Visa Requirements

    The Australian visitor visa requirements are the least complicated, and they apply to a wide variety of different people.  For example, they are generally issued for three, six, or 12 month stays.  Also, they aren’t only limited to tourists, but they can usually be granted for business purposes, as long as the stay will be within this timeline.  Or, you can generally use a visitor visa when visiting family members, but sometimes you have to provide evidence that you are only visiting and will leave before your visa expires.  Additionally, there is a special agreement with registered tour agencies that can obtain visitors visas for people from the People’s Republic of China.

    It’s also important to note that the Australian visitor visa requirements are different for citizens of certain countries.  Because of international agreements, these citizens can apply for an eVisitor visa.  It is free of charge, and is much more convenient than a traditional visitor visa.

    Australian Permanent Resident Requirements

    The Australian visa eligibility requirements for people wishing to obtain permanent residency or citizenship are much more complicated.  They are most commonly granted for working purpose, but can also be issued for other reasons, such as family reunification.  However, these almost always require a person or organization to act as a sponsor of the applicant, and they tend to have a much more complicated application process.

    Refugee and Humanitarian Visas

    The Australian visa eligibility for refugee and humanitarian situations is also quite different.  First, the applicant must be outside of Australia when applying, and they have to be officially designated as a refugee.  If they’re not listed as a refugee, they must be able to prove that they will face severe discrimination and persecution in their home country, and that the treatment given to them will violate their human rights in an extreme way.

    Also, the decision maker in these cases will examine a few other factors to determine their Australian visa eligibility.  For example, they will think about the extent of discrimination or persecution that the applicant will face if they aren’t able to leave their home country.  Also, they will see if the applicant has any connection to Australia.  Additionally, they will try to find out if there are any other possible countries which could house the applicant, or if Australia is their only option.  Finally, they will take into consideration the ability of the Australian community for providing for permanent immigrants for humanitarian purposes.

    It’s important to note that the majority of those who receive a humanitarian visa didn’t apply from their home country.  It isn’t an Australian visa eligibility requirement that applicants can’t be in their home country, it’s just extremely difficult to meet the previous requirements if still safely residing there.

    Types of Refugee and Humanitarian Visas

    Although the Australian visa eligibility varies for each one, there are basically five types of these visas:

    • Refugee Visa
    • In-Country Special Humanitarian Programme Visa
    • Global Special Humanitarian Programme Visa
    • Emergency Rescue Visa
    • Woman at Risk Visa

    For all matters concerning Australian visa eligibility, contact the The Migration Place today.