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Australian Visa Expired

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  • Australian Visa Expired Overview

    Whether you are permanently immigrating to Australia or simply visiting for a short time as a tourist, it’s very important to keep track of the time limits imposed on your stay.  Being in Australia illegally, whether it’s intentional or unintentional, can cause you to face serious fines and penalties, and it can also jeopardize any future you may have in the country.  Therefore, if you have the desire to legally reside in or visit Australia in the future, you must be very careful about this topic.

    If you have any doubts about your status, we highly recommend speaking to an immigration expert about your situation.  Legal fees paid to a lawyer are generally much lower than fines paid for breaking the law, and the ability to remain in the country as a result of compliance is something that money can’t buy.

    Remaining after Your Australian Visa Expired

    If one day you realize that your visa is no longer valid, you are now considered to be an “unlawful non-citizen” in Australia, and it should be no surprise that this isn’t a good thing.  There are a few common penalties that you can face if you let this happen and the first is that you can be deported from Australia.  To add to this, you can be responsible for the costs of having your removed.  Additionally, you could be banned from returning for up to three years.

    How to Know If Your Australian Visa Expired

    As soon as you are granted a visa, you should make sure to fully understand any limitations it contains, and make a strong note of the expiration date.  But, if you somehow get confused or lose track of this, there are other ways to determine it.  For example, the Australian government maintains the Visa Entitlement Verification Online system that allows you to obtain much of this information about your specific status.

    What to Do If Your Australian Visa Expired

    Many people fear that they will be immediately arrested and sent to jail if they tell anyone that their Australian visa expired.  Fortunately, this is rarely the case!  The Department of Immigration generally follows the stance that they shouldn’t punish anyone being honest about this matter, so they are usually willing to work with people to find a solution (assuming you haven’t had any previous legal trouble).  Therefore, the worst thing you can do is to hide and delay the process, so we recommend coming forward as soon as possible, either to a lawyer or the immigration officials.

    Leaving Australia with an Expired Visa

    It is possible to leave the country even if your Australian visa expired before travelling.  However, the immigration officers are likely to give you a stern lecture about your situation.  Not only can this be very unpleasant, but it can also make it more difficult to return in the future, even if you didn’t realize that your visa had expired.

    Bridging Visa

    A bridging visa is one that grants temporary status to someone whose previous visa expires before the next one finishes processing, and they are usually used by people who unexpectedly passed the expiration date on their current visa.  Their purpose is to prevent the holder from breaking the law and face penalties when the situation is out of control.  They’re very commonly used by workers or students, and there are many different situations to which they apply.  Some bridging visas allow you to travel in and out of Australia, but others are cancelled once you leave.  Others require you to hold specific visas before you can get them, and this can sometimes be another type of bridging visa.

    Community Status Resolution Service

    The Australian government has a special branch that can assist you with necessary problems, and it’s possible to contact them anonymously if you are afraid of telling them about your situation.  They can be a nice resource for you since they are free of charge, but you must remember that it isn’t their main priority to help you because they are there to help assist you in following the laws.  Using the services of an immigration law firm can allow you to rest assured that a knowledgeable person will be there to help you stay out of trouble and remain in good standing with the Australian government.

    Contact The Migration Place

    If your Australian visa has expired and you are seeking professional assistance in the matter, contact The Migration Place today to discuss your options.