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    There are many options for visas that help you travel to Australia, and they can be granted for countless different purposes.  However, many of these have temporary time limits, and sometimes they’re just not long enough.  Maybe you need extra time to finish your original goals, or maybe you simply fell in love with Australia and can’t leave yet.  Either way, there may be options to apply for an Australian visa extension.

    At The Migration Place, our experts can handle all types of legal issues relating to immigration, especially if you are facing the end of a visa.  We can analyze your current situation, and then we can advise you on what you can do to extend your stay in Australia.  We’ll make sure that you obtain some form of Australian further stay visa, and we can even help you develop a plan to stay for the long term, if that’s your goal.

    Process to Extend Visa

    The exact methods for extending your old Australian visa depend on the particular situation that you’re in.  Many can be done using an online form, but it isn’t always very straightforward.  Additionally, whether it can be done inside or outside of the country depends on which visa you are applying for, what your current status is, and many other factors.

    Also, the same visa cannot necessarily be extended for everyone.  For example, if you are the passport holder of a certain country or have a specific condition applied to your visa, you may not be qualified for an extension that other holders of the same visa might.  If you are confused or unsure about your situation, it’s very wise to get help from an immigration expert.

    Extend Visa for Studying

    Students are one of the most common groups of people who need to apply for an Australian visa extension on an old Australian student visa.  This is because they aren’t issued for a very long time, and it can be difficult to judge exactly how long it will take to complete your studies.

    Additionally, after completing your studies in Australia, it’s usually possible to apply for an Australian further stay visa.  These aren’t just issued for more schooling, but they can also be given for attending a graduation, traveling, working, or many other reasons.  If this is planned strategically, it can be a pathway to permanent migration to Australia.  Don’t hesitate to contact our office if you’d like some help in learning how you could go down that road.

    Extend Visa for Tourism

    If you are currently inside of Australia on a tourist visa, it’s quite possible that you could lodge an application to extend your stay.  For example, it’s possible for all passport holders to request an extension while travelling within Australia on a subclass 600 visa.  Unfortunately, these visas are usually given a short duration to start with, so time is an important factor during this application.

    Extend Visa Before Penalties

    It’s critical that you apply for some sort of Australian further stay visa or leave the country before your current status expires.  Remaining in the country after your old Australian visa has expired can result in fines and being prohibited from returning to Australia for a number of years.  Fortunately, if your visa is about to expire, there are short term bridging visas that can allow you to stay while going through the process of a new application.

    Have Assistance to Extend Visa

    With so many different requirements when trying to extend an old Australian visa, it’s easy to make a mistake.  To make things worse, a small error during this process can spiral out of control and result in much more serious consequences.  For example, a mistake can lead to a denial of your request, and this is far more difficult to overcome than simply doing it right the first time.  Or, making errors can take time and this could allow the current visa to expire, and this can unwillingly plunge you into the territory of illegally residing in Australia without permission.

    Many people resist getting professional assistance because they don’t wish to pay the fees involved.  However, legal fees to The Migration Place are generally much lower than having to leave Australia and apply for a visa to return.

    To ensure that you have the best chance of successfully applying for an Australian visa extension, contact The Migration Place today.