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Australian Visa Points Test

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  • Australian Visa Points Test Overview

    The Australian visa points test aims to objectively evaluate those who are applying for an Australian visa as a skilled migrant.  It is designed in a way that makes it transparent and allows all applicants to understand how and why they are being evaluated, and to enables them to understand the results.

    If you are feeling confused with this or any other part of the immigration process, feel free to contact our experts at The Migration Place.  An immigration professional can help you understand which visas you are capable of applying for, and then they will be able to determine which visa you will have the highest chance of obtaining.  Additionally, The Australian visa points test is only one of many parts involved in applying for a skilled migrant visa, and we are ready and able to help you with all the other sections of the application.

    Australian Skills Assessment for Migration

    The main purpose of the Australian visa points test is to make sure that skilled workers are obtaining these visas.  They are designed to allow the hiring of foreign workers when the Australian population cannot meet the current demand for very specific skills or knowledge.  The Australian government continuously publishes and updates lists of these professions and their requirements.  Also, sometimes certain workers are needed in a specific region, so the visa that will be granted will only allow the holder to live in that section of Australia.

    Visas That Use the Australian Visa Points Test

    There are a number of visas that use this Australian skills assessment for migration purposes.  The following list contains some of the most common:

    • Skilled Independent subclass 175 visa
    • Skilled Sponsored subclass 176 visa
    • Skilled Regional Sponsored subclass 487 visa
    • Skilled Regional Sponsored subclass 475 visa
    • Skilled Independent subclass 885 visa
    • Skilled Sponsored subclass 886 visa

    Visa Sponsorship

    Also, once the Australian visa points test has been completed, some visas require that the applicant find a suitable sponsor.  This will sometimes be a company, and other times it will be a regional branch of the government, and the sponsor generally has to file additional paperwork to be able to complete the visa process.

    Expression of Interest

    There are other types of visas for professions that are highly in demand and don’t require sponsorship.  In these cases, the applicant generally must write an expression of interest, and then they will have to go through an assessment of their skills.  If they are approved, they will receive a letter of invitation from the Australian government, and they can apply for an independent working visa.  Then, they will be able to move to Australia and find employment.

    Australian Visa Points Test Pass Mark

    All of the visas that require the Australian visa points test have a certain number of points that need to be met, and this number is called the pass mark.  Currently, the pass mark is set at 65 points, but it will probably change over time.  It is based on the needs of the Australian labour market, so it’s very unpredictable when a change could occur.

    Australian Visa Points Test Pool Mark

    The pool mark is similar to the pass mark, but it is a lower number.  Its purpose is for people who don’t quite make the pass mark, but still achieve a relatively high score.  They are then placed into a pool for a certain amount of time, and they will be held there in case a greater number of people is needed than the amount of applicants who have achieved the pass mark.

    Not Meeting the Pass Mark

    Unfortunately, even with the pool mark, it is quite bad news if someone doesn’t meet the pass mark.  This Australian skills assessment for migration process is designed to only let in the people of a certain skill level, and the government is strict about these limits.  So, unless there is going to be a major change in the labour market, your best chance for success in this case is to find a separate visa for which to apply.

    Australian Migration Review

    Simply having the correct skills and enough points won’t guarantee that an applicant will be granted a visa.  There are many other factors considered, and an otherwise qualified applicant will occasionally be denied for reasons unrelated to their profession.  Fortunately, a denial usually comes with a right to appeal, and the applicant can go through the Australian migration review process to attempt to change the decision.

    Contact The Migration Place

    For all matters concerning the Australian Visa Points Test, contact The Migration Place today.