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Australian Visa Rules

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  • Overview of Australian Visa Rules

    Australia is a popular destination for travelers.  The massive geographic area, nice weather, and friendly people attract visitors from all over the world.  Because of all of this, many people decide that they would like to stick around permanently, and they then have to discover a way to stay in Australia.

    Unfortunately, the immigration rules for Australia can be quite strict, so it’s not as simple as just finding a job and buying a plane ticket.  However, there are many potential options for a wide variety of people.  Feel free to contact one of our immigration experts, and we can examine your personal situation to see what sort of choices you have.  We can even explain the specific Australian visa rules you’ll need to follow before being able to start a new life down under!

    Australian Visa Rules for Citizens

    Obviously Australian citizens have the easiest time living and travelling in Australia.  They can live, work, study, and take advantage of many different benefits offered to citizens.  Also, they are allowed to travel internationally as much as they’d like, and they can easily visit nearly 170 countries without having to apply for a visa in advance.

    Becoming an Australian Citizen

    Because of all the benefits offered to citizens, it is usually advisable that anyone wishing to permanently remain in Australia aim to obtain citizenship.  Unfortunately, becoming a citizen is a long, complicated process.  In most cases, it takes many years living in Australia, and sometimes even multiple different visas, before even being eligible to apply.

    If becoming an Australian citizen is a goal of yours, we highly recommend getting professional help from an expert on the immigration rules for Australia.  In order to get it done as quickly as possible at the lowest price, you should establish a strategy for your specific situation that allows you to prepare for each step in advance.

    Australian Visa Rules for New Zealand Citizens

    Although people from New Zealand are citizens of a separate country, there is a special agreement that allows them to have a much easier time going to Australia.  The Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement basically allows citizens of either country to enter the other without obtaining a visa, and they are able to stay, live, and work, if they so desire.  Most citizens are eligible for this, but someone can be disqualified if they have certain health conditions or a criminal background.

    Immigration Rules for Australia

    Citizens from more than 100 countries and territories around the world are able to visit Australia without having to obtain a visa in advance.  Many of these visa-free rules are the result of reciprocity agreements between countries.  For example, citizens of the United States are granted an automatic 90 days that they are allowed to visit for tourism or business purposes.  In exchange for this, Australian citizens are able to take part in the Visa Waiver Program when visiting the USA, and this basically allows them to do the same.

    Unfortunately, many of these visa-free rules only apply to tourism, and long-term visas are much more complicated to obtain.  The good news is that there are additional agreements that streamline the application process for people coming from specific countries, so you still may have an advantage if you hold a certain passport.

    If you are unsure about the immigration rules for Australia from your specific country, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We will be able to explain any special situations relating to your citizenship, and we can advise you on the process for obtaining any necessary visas.

    Visa Requirements

    There are tons of different visas for Australia, and their purposes vary from traveling to studying to remaining indefinitely for other reasons.  Generally, the shorter the visa is, the less strict the requirements.  Therefore, you most likely have to go through a much more complicated application process before receiving a work visa that grants permanent residency than you will for a student visa for a course lasting two weeks.

    Health Requirements

    Additionally, the Australian visa rules almost always factor in some level of medical examinations, and the necessary requirements can be different depending on which part of the world the applicant comes from.  The most common diseases that are looked for are tuberculosis, hepatitis, and HIV/AIDS, and the applicant will often have to show the results of medical exams proving they don’t have these.

    Contact The Migration Place

    If you require further information about the ever-evolving Australian Visa Rules, contact The Migration Place today.