Baby Gammy granted Australian citizenship | The Migration Place

Baby Gammy granted Australian citizenship

The Migration Place welcome the announcement that Baby Gammy has been granted Australian citizenship. He qualified on the basis that he was the child of an Australian citizen.

You may remember that Baby Gammy was the child in the middle of the recent Thailand surrogacy scandal that saw his twin sister being taken to Australia, while he was abandoned in Thailand with his surrogacy mother.

Now Baby Gammy will be able to meet his twin sister in Australia and be able to access the help that he needs.

The Migration Place is proud of its work in helping children from overseas secure visas, especially where there are compelling and compassionate circumstances.

Indeed, our Principal Lawyer, Zeke Bentley has been engaged by Councils in the UK for over a decade to assist the relocation of adopted children, and foster children, from the UK to Australia.
This area of migration law often requires experience in family law and the associated custody issues.

The Migration Place is a division of Irish Bentley Lawyers, we have that experience and knowledge to assist with all aspects of all visas – even where there is cross over into family law, criminal law or business law.