Changes to the points tested skilled migration visa - Migration Place

The points based skilled migration visa program will change on 1 July 2012, and a rough summary of the changes is as follows:

  1. The points required will be reduced from 65 points down to 60 points.
  2. The skill select regime will be introduced (click here for full details of skill select) and this requires:
    1. People who want a visa, need to register with DIAC to wait to be invited to apply for a visa.
      This register needs to be maintained to ensure your ranking attracts priority – we can do this for you.
    2. The DIAC invite the “cream” of those seeking invitations to lodge an application.
    3. Those invitees can then lodge an application, which is likely to be processed quickly (where skilled visas are currently taking 2+years).
  3. Removing the distinction between skilled visas lodged on-shore from those lodged off-shore.
  4. Merging the various skills lists.
  5. Merging the 6 points tested skilled migration visa subclasses into the three (3) new points tested skilled migration visa subclasses:

    Visa Name

    Visa Subclass

    Visa Replaced

    Skilled Independent Visa

    Subclass 189

    Replacing subclasses 885 & 175

    Skilled Nominated/Sponsored Visa

    Subclass 190

    Replacing subclasses 886 & 176

    Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa

    Subclass 489

    Replacing subclasses 487 & 475

The other factors assessed (eg English, character, health etc) under the new points test will be similar to the current points test , except that the time scores against points test factors will be fixed at the time of invitation, rather than time of visa application or decision.


The skilled migration visa subclasses that are not points tested (Subclass 485 Visa and Subclass 476 Visa) will remain unchanged.