Changes to skills list and financial thresholds as of 1 July 2012 - Migration Place

Changes to skills list as of 1 July 2012

Four occupations have been removed from the new skills list: bricklayer, wall and floor tiler, chemist and audiologist.
Four new occupations have been added: optometrist, computer network and systems engineer, metallurgist and mining production manager.

Changes to the financial thresholds  for student visas as of 1 July 2012:

Students are required to show that they have adequate funds to sustain themselves while in Australia:

  1. applicants for student visas must have the funds required to cover their studies, a return air fare to Australia, plus $18,610 for living expenses.
  2. The applicant’s partner must have access to $6,514 per year, and $3,720 for their first child.