Changes to the Health Requirement - Migration Place

If you are applying for an Australian visa, you must meet the minimum health standards before your visa is granted.  

If you have a medical condition, a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC) will consider whether it will be a significant cost to the Australian community in terms of the health care or community services required to manage your condition.

If this condition amounts to a significant cost to the Australian community, you will not be granted a visa unless a health waiver is issued.

Previously, the threshold for what constituted ‘significant cost’ had been $40,000. New changes to the Schedule 4 Conditions 4005 and 4007 calculations of significant cost raise this threshold to $49,000.  

Applicants with permanent conditions are likely to receive most benefit from these changes. Previously, if you had an ongoing condition with a reasonably predictable course, the cost of your condition would be estimated over your remaining life expectancy (whether it be 5 or 50 years).

The new regulations provide that this cost will be calculated over life expectancy, up to a maximum of 10 years.

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