Child Care Group Leaders needed in Regional Australia - Migration Place

Australia’s child care situation is becoming bleak, with places for kids very difficult to find. This is especially the case in regional Australia, where the demand for child care centres far outweighs the places available.

Since 1 July 2015, Child Care Group Leaders are back on the list for the RSMS Visa in the Direct Entry stream. Essentially, this means that you may be eligible for permanent residency straight away if you can find an employer located in regional Australia.

Many people think that to get the RSMS Visa, they need to find an employer smack-bang in the middle of the outback, but this is just a common myth. Regional Australia actually covers the majority of Australia, minus the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong and Melbourne.

If you have a qualification at the level of an Australian Certificate II or III in Childcare, or at least one year of relevant work experience, then this could be the visa solution for you.

Contact one of our lawyers today to see if you are eligible to apply, and click on the link below to see the other requirements of the RSMS Visa.