Decision Ready Applications: available for partner visas, RSMS and 457 employer nominated visas – which will fast track the entire process down to a few weeks! - Migration Place

Decision Ready checklists are also available for Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) applications.

The ENS visas take 3-8 weeks normally however they can be fasttracked if they are lodged as decision ready, in which case they take about 7 days!

RSMS visa applications can also be fast tracked in the same way.

However only a few people realize that Partner Visas can also be processed in weeks, not 12 months, if the application is decision ready.

The current back log of partner visas is about 20,000 onshore applications and about 20,000 offshore applications, resulting in current processing times of between nine and 12 months.

This backlog can be overcome by using a registered migration agent approved to use the decision ready process, or by submitting the details of any compelling and compassionate circumstances that exist.

To qualify as a decision ready application, the application must be lodged by an approved registered migration agent who confirms that the application is ready to be processed.

Whilst there is no decision ready checklist available for partner visas, approved RMAs can certify that the application is ready to be approved in a cover page.

To ensure the applications is processed as decision ready, the RMA should have a number of documents at the front of the application, namely all relevant forms, certificates, and all health and police checks.

If the applicant can only seek police certificates from their home country after the visa has been lodged, then that application will only be processed as decision ready after those police certificates have been obtained.

Registered migration agents are also able to alert DIAC to the fact that an application has become decision ready by emailing the office processing the application.