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Department of Immigration and Citizenship

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  • Department of Immigration and Citizenship Overview

    Australia has a long history of immigration, and there has been a constant evolution with the government control over it.  In today’s Australia, you will need to follow strict rules if you want to travel to the country to visit, study, work, or live in such a beautiful place.  The Department of Immigration and Citizenship, also known as DIAC, was previously the section that monitored all of the applications for these activities, but it has now changed to a new name.

    At The Migration Place, we have extensive experience dealing with all areas of Australian migration.  We can offer detailed DIAC help, and we can advise you throughout any stage of the immigration application process.  Whether you’ve lived in Australia for years or have never been, don’t hesitate to contact us for some assistance with your specific situation!

    Department of Immigration and Citizenship History

    In 2007, changes in the structure of the Australian government resulted in the creation of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.  It was responsible for many things, including entry/exit management of non-citizens, border control, citizenship applications, and many other functions.  However, there was another big change in 2013.  The department name was changed to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

    Department of Immigration and Border Protection

    This took over for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, and it took many of the previous responsibilities of that office.  But, certain tasks were handed off to other departments.  The biggest example is that the multicultural affairs section was transferred to a different department.  One main reason for the change was to make sure that all border protection responsibilities were handled by one office to make for easier communication.

    Applying to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship

    With the exception of the name change, not much is different for you as an applicant.  Therefore, many still refer to it as the Department of Immigration and Citizenship when explaining application procedures.

    There are many different methods for sending submissions to DIAC, and there isn’t a short answer how to do it.  This is because the rules vary greatly depending on what exactly you are applying for, your personal situation, and many other factors.

    However, the whole department is modernized, and it’s possible in most situations to submit application materials electronically.  There is usually an option to submit paper applications, but this can actually make the whole process slower.  Also, whether you need to apply from inside or outside of Australia completely depends on which visa you are applying for.

    DIAC Help from The Migration Place

    As a leading firm of immigration experts, our knowledgeable staff can give you all of the DIAC help you need.

    Before you start any application, it’s important to examine your goals and then find out what you qualify for.  We’re able to take this information and inform you of all of your options so that you choose the correct visa.  Then, once you figure out what you need, we can walk you through the visa process.  We can help you find out what sort of documents you will need, where to get them (and any official copies), and make sure everything is order.  Also, many visas require you to obtain sponsorship from an individual or organization in Australia, and this means that they will have to submit some application materials as well.  We are also capable of helping with this.  Next, we can assist you with submissions to DIAC.  In many cases, we can act as an official agent for you, and it will limit the overall interaction and time you will have to spend during the process.

    Aside from these benefits, using our expert knowledge will help you in many other ways.  Throughout the whole process, we will be able to save you time and money by preventing mistakes and making everything happen more efficiently.  Next, if you run into any problems, we can help you solve them in a legal manner.  Also, we will make sure that you understand what’s required of you, and this will help you avoid getting into trouble because of accidentally breaking any rules (which is an extreme benefit over the long term).