Details of the 2012-13 migration program year: - Migration Place
  1. There is a new system for skilled visas as of 1 July 2012, noting:
    1. the points have been reduced from 65 points to 60 points.
    2. The new system should expedite processing by eliminating the high number of ineligible applications being lodged (informal estimates indicated the refusal rate exceeds 50%).
    3. for more information on the new SkillSelect program:
  2. New skills lists have been released aiming to consolidate the old system (which had 6+lists) down to 2 lists.
  3. For more information:
  4. Changes to the work visa program have been implemented:
    1. to allow skilled workers to register an EOI with SkillsSelect to find a business sponsor.
    2. To allow sponsored work visa holders to apply for PR even if they are older than 45 (the age limits have been lifted – for more information:
  5. A new allocation of visas for 2012/13:
    190,000 visas are to be granted, of which 129,250 places are reserved for the Skilled Migration Program(which includes skilled and work visas).
    This means that almost 70% of all visas relate to skilled visas (Skilled Independent, Employer Sponsored, State and Territory Sponsored, and Skilled Australian Sponsored (Family Sponsored) applicants)).
  6. How priority 5 applications are to be dealt with:
    1. 16,350 Skilled Independent cases are yet to be processed, and represent approximately 27,600 applicants in Priority Group 5 awaiting allocation.
    2. Priority Group 5 applicants still face a considerable wait until their application is processed with the DIAC warning that all priority 5 applicants that further delay is likely.
    3. To get priority in the queue, The Migration Place recommends lodging an EOI profile with SkillSelect, or to seek State or Regional Sponsorship (where your visa was lodged before 1 July 2010 ).