DIAC target fraud using electronic facial recognition software - Migration Place

A man from the United Kingdom has pleaded guilty on immigration fraud to:

  1. residing in Australia on a number of false identities.
  2. providing false information to obtain permanent residence.
  3. using misleading forms of identity to travel in and out of the country over the last decade.

DIAC stated it does not take the issue of fraud lightly and will prosecute this case through the assistance of governments at a state and federal level.
Technology played a large role as electronic facial recognition software was involved – a tool that many state and federal government agencies utilise.

The man is yet to be sentenced

Providing fraudulent documents and information to the DIAC is a serious offence which can lead to detention, prosecution, deportation, permanent bans on reapplying for a visa and a host of other penalties.

If you have been caught in breach then you need representation ASAP – ideally from a migration lawyer experienced in sentencing and criminal law matters.

There are ways to minimise the impact and even to regularise your breaches however you need help.

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The Principal, Zeke Bentley, has over a decade of experience in helping migrants, and over 16 years in dealing with sentencing matters.