DIAC target illegal workers - Migration Place

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) is targetting illegal workers and prosecuting those who employ them.

Over the last year, the DIAC have begun sharing databases with the ATO (to identify illegal workers who are using false ABNs to avoid tax) and they have started raiding constructions sites and farms to find illegal workers.

Recent tip-offs have led to the arrest of 24 people suspected of working illegally in farms on the Swan Hill area.

The workers were mostly unlawful non-citizens although one was working in breach of his visa conditions.

The DIAC has used this event to remind all employers of the severe penalties for knowingly employing illegal workers or referring them on to another organization.

There are safeguards in place to protect employers such as being able to verify – through a government database – whether an employee is legally able to work.

It is imperative that you fulfill the conditions on your visa.

If you have breached them, then you need advice from an experienced migration lawyer ASAP, and you should stop breaking the conditions ASAP.

Breaching your visa conditions can lead to detention, prosecution, deportation, permanent bans on reapplying for a visa and a host of other penalties.

If you have been caught in breach then you need representation ASAP – ideally from a migration lawyer experienced in sentencing and criminal law matters.

There are ways to minimise the impact and even to regularise your breaches however you need help.

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The Principal, Zeke Bentley, has over a decade of experience in helping migrants, and over 16 years in dealing with sentencing matters.