DIBP Increases Visa Application Charge for Contributory Parent Visas - Migration Place

As of 22 March 2014, the Department of Immigration has increased the visa application charge (VAC) for Contributory Parent visas (subclass 143) and Contributory Aged Parent visas (subclass 864).

This follows a period from 1 September 2013 where the Department purported to increase the fees for these visas beyond the maximum limited permitted by the Migration (Visa Application) Charge Act 1997. As a result, those fee increases were invalid and could not be charged.

That issue has now been resolved and the new charges will apply to all visa applications lodged after 22 March. Applications lodged before this date are not affected. There continue to be no visa application changes for Parent (non-contributory) category, Contributory Parent (temporary) (subclass 173) or Contributory Aged Parent (temporary) (subclass 884) visa applications.

This episode demonstrates the importance of using a migration lawyer for your visa application. While a registered migration agent can lodge an application on your behalf, only a fully qualified migration lawyer can advise you on all aspects of the law relevant to your application, ensuring that your legal rights are upheld.

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