The DIBP website contains an error regarding the subclass 888 visa. - Migration Place

The website (in innovation stream) states:
“You must be able to show that you (or your partner, or you and your partner together) have had an ownership interest and a direct and continuous management role in an actively operating main business (or main businesses) in Australia that had an annual turnover of at least AUD300,000 for the two years immediately before you apply)”

However, 888.25 states:
“(5) The main business in Australia, or main businesses in Australia, of the applicant, the applicant’s spouse or de facto partner, or the applicant and his or her spouse or de facto partner together, had an annual turnover of at least AUD300 000 in the 12 months immediately before the application was made.

This is recent example highlighting the importance of being able to interpret legislation, and to check all aspects before lodging a visa application.
Zeke Bentley of The Migration Place says that in his 11 years as a registered migration lawyer, he has had a number of clients who needed to fix their applications because they relied upon errors on the site and immigration promotional material.
Whilst any error could potentially be fixed on the basis of promissory estoppel, it is quicker and more commercial to simply re-lodge a fresh application.

This emphasises the importance of engaging an experienced migration lawyer who does the job properly, and therefore ensures that all visa applications have the best possible chance of being granted successfully and quickly.