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When a company is approved as a business sponsor, they become subject to certain additional obligations based on their company status.

Most importantly, they must inform the Department of Immigration within a specified number of days of certain changes or events, such as when the company appoints a new director, when the company is would up or when the company is deregistered.

When such events are happening, it is often the last thing on people’s mind to inform the Department of Immigration, especially when you are no longer a business sponsor.

The obligation to inform the Department of Immigration only ends two years after your sponsorship ends and you are no longer sponsoring anyone.

If you use The Migration Place for your sponsorship application, we can help you keep on top of these obligations.

The Migration Place is a division of Irish Bentley Lawyers and many of our clients choose to nominate us to be their registered office:
1. To have an accurate record of all important documents received, noting we have registers which record all mail in and out of the office on a daily basis (by comparison your residential address is vulnerable to letter thieves, dogs, and confused postmen!).
2. So we can warn our clients promptly if any “dangerous” documents are served (eg a statutory demand or director’ penalty notice – both of these documents have draconian consequences of they are not acted upon within 14 -21 days).
3. So we can let our clients know whether they need to inform any regulator or government body (eg the DIBP, ASIC or the ATO etc).

It is important to comply, because not doing so may cause difficulties for any current visa holders you have as employees, and it may also affect your ability to be approved as a business sponsor again in the future.

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