Don’t Be A Copycat: Homeowners, Builders and Architects Beware! - Migration Place

You don’t normally hear about copyright disputes relating to a house, but a recent court case saw a couple ordered to pay for copyright infringement because they ignored the warnings about copying someone else’s building plans.

The cautionary tale arises from the decision in Coles v Dormer.

In this case, the Court found that substantially copying building plans and reproducing a building constituted copyright infringement.  This includes the copying and reproduction of a two dimensional design into a 3D building.

Even though the house had already been built by the time it went to Court, the copycats were still ordered to:

  1. Remove the house’s dormer roofs;
  2. Remove the exterior arched and circular windows and replace with rectangular or square windows; and
  3. Grind, cut away or remove the stone edge trim corners of the house to render them flush.

This is because the copycats chose to continue and build the house despite warnings about the significant consequences.  Indeed, they continued to build the house knowing that the court case was happening.

Homeowners, builders and architects should be wary of this, and seek legal advice to avoid painful (and often expensive) consequences.

The outcome of this recent case clearly demonstrates that intellectual property should form a significant consideration before commencing a build and that any allegations of infringement should be quickly dealt with.

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