Fraudulent Australian Migration Agents - WARNING

The importance of securing an registered migration agent was made clear Wednesday night in a scathing expose by the 7.30 report. The report revealed that the Australian Federal Police have arrested a Brisbane migration agent named Abel Prasad of SVC Legal Australia. Mr Prasad allegedly ripped off unsuspecting migrants, mostly international students, by promising them jobs with one of his companies and then suppling bogus visas. The companies existed in name only, and there were no jobs. The charges he faces however, are in relation to GST fraud. This has us questioning – had Mr Prasad kept his books above board, would any federal investigation have followed? How many other migrants are being misled by fraudulent migration agents with little to no law enforcement interest?

Prospective migrants – be warned! If your migration agent submits fraudulent documents, supports illegal actions (like allowing a sponsor to ask you to pay for their sponsorship) or fails to complete your application correctly, the responsibility will lie with you and you may not be able to appeal your visa refusal or cancellation. It is also important to keep in mind that visas can spend a year or more processing – if you find out too late about a fraudulent migration agent, the laws may have changed, your occupation may no longer be available for sponsorship, or you may have aged, causing you to lose points on the Points Test.

Don’t risk it – you may only have one chance at your future in Australia! All the registered migration agents at The Migration Place are also currently practicing solicitors. Our practising certificates, issued by the Queensland Law Society, are available at any time for you to see with your own eyes as well as our current migration agent registration certificates. We have over a decade of experience assisting prospective migrants find their new future in Australia and the reality is, in today’s scam-ridden market, only a long and trusted reputation can assure you that your migration matter is being reliably handled. Remember! Only a lawyer can claim legal professional privilege in relation to your information – a migration agent is obliged to answer questions from the Department of Immigration if they are asked. A migration agent has nothing to lose – a lawyer is subject to ongoing obligations to maintain the highest standard of integrity and professional responsibility. For more information on the difference between a migration agent and a lawyer, see our FAQ’s.

An experienced immigration lawyer is the safest and most reliable way forward to secure your Australian visa – call The Migration Place today.