From 1 July 2013 there have been a number of changes in 457 visa requirements - Migration Place

The DIAC have advised that as of 1 July 2013, a number of legislative changes came into effect and these requirements apply (retrospectively) to all undecided applications as at 1 July 2013.

With the increase in the number of requirements, there is clearly a greater emphasis on fulfilling obligations.

Among these changes, the most relevant ones might be:

  • Introduction of the nomination ceiling;
  • TSMIT increased to $53,900 (plus Superannuation);
  • Term of sponsorship for start-up businesses restricted to one year;
  • Greater emphasis on genuine need of the nominated position;
  • Market salary data to be more localised; and
  • Strong commitment to ongoing training of Australian staff.

These changes have added more complexity to the process of applying for new standard business sponsorships and maintaining approvals of existing sponsorships.

Therefore, more than ever, it is important to act quickly and with assistance of a registered and experienced migration lawyer.

If you think that you may be eligible for a 457 visa, our experienced Registered Migration Agents at The Migration Place can assist you with a professionally prepared application and supporting evidence which will enhance your chances to secure a successful visa result.

The Migration Place prides itself on its thorough and professionally-prepared applications, which ensures that our applications are lodged with the best prospects of success and processed quickly.
A professionally handled application is one of the most important parts of any successful visa application and can be the key to securing your residency in Australia.

Our core advice to all people hoping to live in Australia is this: APPLY ASAP (before any rules change), and use an experienced and registered migration agent (preferably a lawyer).

For further information, please contact us via email to or at the office on (07) 3891 3333.