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Health Waiver for Migration to Australian Territory

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  • Health Waiver for Migration to Australian Territory Overview

    One challenging part of applying for a visa to Australia is that you often need to prove you’re healthy.  However, sometimes you can’t pass all of the required medical examinations, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you will get denied.  In certain cases, can get health waivers to make sure your application is accepted.

    At The Migration Place, we’re experts in all aspects of migration to Australia.  We can help you with all stages of the visa application process, and that includes medical exams and health waivers.  Even if you’re not sure what your specific situation requires, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’ll have you travelling to Australia with a visa in hand before you know it!

    Health Requirements for Visa

    One of the main reasons for the complicated visa application process is to protect Australia.  In the case of health, the rules are in place to prevent contagious diseases entering the country.  Additionally, they are meant to prevent people from entering Australia with a severe condition and then using the medical system to get treatment (that they aren’t paying for).  Before your application will be approved, you need to get official documentation from a doctor to prove that you’ve had the required examinations.

    Health Requirements for Temporary Visa

    Temporary visas are much easier with regards to health, and in many cases, the applicant isn’t even required to have medical examinations.  However, the requirements depend on the type of visa and many other factors.  Generally, the country you come from has been given a risk level evaluation, and a country with no risk probably doesn’t need an exam.  But, the higher the risk level of your home country, the more specific the exams need to be.

    Health Requirements for Permanent Visa

    Permanent visas are generally more complicated than those with a temporary duration.  Again, the requirements can depend on many factors, but there are certain examinations that are usually necessary.  The three main exams that you almost always need to have are a general medical examination, a chest x-ray, and an HIV test.

    Depending your situation, you may be required to get additional tests.  For example, anyone applying to work as a medical professional will also need to be screened for hepatitis B and C.

    Health Waivers for Temporary Visa Subclass 457

    Applicants for this particular visa have a fairly easy time receiving health waivers if they need them.  But, it usually requires the employer who is sponsoring you to formally declare that they will cover any medical costs you may incur while in Australia.

    Health Waiver for Migration to Australian Territory on Other Visas

    Other visas can also qualify for health waivers, but each individual case is examined.  Generally, the major factor considered is the likelihood that the applicant will need medical attention that will cause a burden to the health system in Australia.

    Process of Health Waiver for Migration to Australian Territory

    As an applicant, you don’t actually apply for health waivers.  If possible in your case, the immigration officials will usually inform you.  Then, you will have to submit certain documentation to justify why you should receive a waiver.

    At this point, we highly recommend getting the assistance of an immigration lawyer.  Expert experience can help you argue your case in a better way, and this will make your application have a much higher likelihood of approval.

    Can’t Receive a Health Waiver for Migration to Australian Territory

    Unfortunately, there are certain cases when it is impossible to be granted health waivers because of a condition you have.  Generally, this happens if you have some sort of disease that is considered a threat to public health, and one common example of this is having tuberculosis.

    Health Exams for Family Members

    Any other family members coming with you also need to get the same health examinations, even if they are applying as part of your visa.  Generally, dependent family members who aren’t accompanying you also need to receive these exams because they can so easily come join you in the future.  It’s also possible to get a health waiver for migration to Australian territory for your family members, if they are in need of one.