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    If you need immigration help with regards to Australia, then The Migration Place is ready to assist you.  We have multiple registered migration lawyers who have experience handling many complex issues, so we’re sure to know what to do with your particular situation.  It is our aim to help you successfully achieve your immigration goals as quick as possible, and we offer fixed fees that are competitively priced.

    Visa Help

    There are many different visas that will bring you to Australia, but the challenge is to figure out which one is correct for you.  We can examine your particular situation to determine what you qualify for, and then we will discuss what your various options are.  This way, we can see what your long-term goals are, and we can match them with the appropriate visa, or group of visas, that will enable you to arrive there.  You’ll finish the process not just with a visa, but also with a pathway that is individually designed to help you reach your final destination in Australia.

    Common Types of Visas

    Many people seek immigration help when trying to determine the correct visa for their situation, but the whole process isn’t always very straightforward.

    There are skilled visa options that are designed for skilled workers.  Some of these are only temporary, but others can grant permanent status to the holder.  We can offer guidance to make sure you find a visa for which you meet all the requirements, and we can assist in the process that usually entails multiple stages.

    Next, Australian immigration laws are quite favorable when giving visas to keep couples together.  As long as one person is a citizen or resident of Australia, there are many situations where the partners can be reunited.  There are options for fiancé(e)s, spouses, and de facto partners, as well as allowances for same sex couples and relationships that are less than one year old. Using our services can minimize or eliminate time spent apart, and we can also assist with divorces from previous relationships.

    Although student visas are one of the easiest and most popular methods for moving to Australia, many people seek immigration help with them because they don’t understand what situations they allow for.  Visas can not only be given for whole degrees (graduate or undergraduate), but also for individual courses.  Additionally, a student visa can be granted for English language courses and specific skills related to a profession.  The Migration Place can make sure that your course (and school) meet the requirements for sponsoring your visa, as well help you achieve additional benefits, such as being able to work while studying.

    For those who are interested in investing or starting a business in Australia, there are many options available.  However, it’s strongly recommended to seek immigration help for these situations because they often take multiple years and require a long-term plan.  We can help you achieve these goals successfully in the least amount of time while ending with permanent residency.  When you’re investing so much time and money, it’s critical that you have expert assistance to make sure you don’t make costly errors.

    There are also visa options for people over the age of 55, and they are basically divided into two primary pathways.  First, there are visas for parents to be reunited with their children who are living in Australia.  Next, there are methods for those who want to retire in Australia and are willing to invest in the local economy.  We can help determine which the best is for you, and then we can make the application process as easy as possible.

    Migration Help

    Our services of immigration help extend past just assisting you with visas.  We can also help you with many issues that you’ll face after arrival, such as taxes and business laws.  Additionally, we can recommend local lawyers for other purposes, and we include a post visa conference with a law firm who can help you understand your legal rights, obligations, and responsibilities while living in Australia.

    Migration Review Tribunal Help in Australia

    Unfortunately, not all visa applications are approved the first time.  However, many offer the opportunity for a review by a Migration Review Tribunal who will determine if the initial decision should be overturned.  Whether or not you had professional assistance during your first application, we highly recommend utilizing our services when dealing with the tribunal.  They have extremely strict application requirements, but they examine the visa for a different purpose, and they can overturn an initial negative response.  We have a successful record in these situations, and we can make sure you avoid making any additional mistakes.

    Contact The Migration Place

    If you require urgent immigration help from highly skilled migration lawyers, contact the team at The Migration Place today.