The Importance of Complying with Your Australian Visa Conditions

Migrants on temporary visas enter Australia every year hoping to eventually obtain full work rights and/or permanent residency. Unfortunately, after initially meeting the entry visa eligibility criteria, many of them fail to ensure that they continue to meet their visa conditions or renew their visa before it expires.

The DIBP, in liaison with the Australian Border Force and the Federal Police, has been vigilant in spotting illegal workers and unforgiving in the actions taken against them.

This is shown in a recent case in the agriculture sector in New South Wales where 14 Malaysian workers out of a group of 34, were found to be working without a valid visa. Upon discovery of their illegal status, the workers were immediately transported to Sydney’s Detention centre and awaited deportation.

The DIBP have been conducting similar such raids all over Australia in order to identify and eliminate illegal work practices. In addition to the raids carried out, the Government has issued warnings reminding unlawful workers that “they will be caught”. Their overarching goal being: to eradicate the exploitation of the visa system in Australia.

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