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    insolvency lawyers brisbane aritaOur insolvency law section has received Awards (“Award for Excellence in Insolvency Law – Australia 2016), we have established legal precedents (Forza Finance -v- Vergepoint) and Irish Bentley Lawyers are 1 of only 14 firms that are accredited on  the ‘Australian Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Association’ (ARITA) website. ARITA is the required course to be a National Insolvency Practitioner and we send our insolvency lawyers to ARITA to ensure Irish Bentley Lawyers are at the cutting edge of insolvency law.

    Insolvency is a highly specialised and powerful area of law which can be effectively used to enforce debts. Many people think bankruptcy and liquidation is an easy way out whereas we see it as a last resort, and we utilise the tools available to help turn businesses around.

    Irish Bentley Lawyers has over 20 years’ experience in the area and is ready, willing and able to turn whatever situation into its best possible outcome. Whether you owe or are owed money, let Irish Bentley Lawyers take on the stress so you can focus on what is really important to you.

    Irish Bentley Lawyers have proven success in all areas of insolvency; ranging from personal bankruptcies, company liquidations, bad debt and creditor situations.

    We help many Clients (especially those from Ireland) deal with insolvency issues in their “old” country. We understand (for example) that bankruptcy lasts 12 months in the United Kingdom and 12 years in Ireland. We are familiar with the cross-border treaty issues and the difficulties that a United Kingdom creditor has trying to enforce United Kingdom debts in Australia. In Australia it is currently 3 years with likelihood that this will be reduced to a year.

    Irish Bentley Lawyers, your friendly insolvency experts.