International Student Intake Set to Double - Migration Place

A new plan has been revealed to increase Australia’s foreign student intake to 1 million by 2025! If you are a

student from West Africa, Colombia, Brazil or the Gulf States, you will be among those targeted to fill the new openings. This is all part of a plan to tap into underutilised markets as well as diversify the students coming to Australia and the subjects they study. However, why does Australia need so many more international students?

The answer to this question is related to global demand for trained workers which is predicted to increase as world economies develop. Helping meet this demand has been identified as one way Australia can ensure its prosperity into the future. However as more students come, institutions will have to face the challenge of ensuring that they can offer places for those students as well as maintain the quality of their courses.

In other good news for those wishing to study in Australian, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently announced that eligible New Zealand students will soon have access to Australia’s student loan program! Although this is a clear move to calm  New Zealand over dissatisfaction about the growing number of its citizens that are being deported, it will be welcomed by those who previously could not afford the costs of education in Australia.

Despite this push to increase the number of students in Australia, there is no word yet of any policy changes to the migration rules that dictate student visas. Prospective students must still meet the enrolment requirements, attain the correct level of English, and most perilously, address the Genuine Temporary Entrant criteria.

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