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    Intellectual Property

    Irish Bentley Lawyers have a dedicated Intellectual Property section headed up by our trademark attorney and tax litigator, Angus Murray. We have received Awards for our work in Intellectual Property (Best SME Intellectual Property Lawyer 2016).

    We believe in affordable advice and we strive to ensure that our immigration clients are provided comprehensive assistance to ensure that their intellectual property is protected. Intellectual property is often a business’ core asset and our intellectual property law practice is able to assist in protecting, registering, managing and enforcing intellectual property rights.

    We know how to set up business structures and royalty agreements which are tax effective and which utilise overseas country systems.

    Our Clients include TomCar Australia, Pat Cash, James McSweeney, Lagerstein and Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street).

    We enforce copyright issues for musicians, architects, programmers, app developers and software writers. Indeed Zeke Bentley was brought up in the music industry and his father David Bentley had an international hit (“In A Broker Dream”) in 1972, which has been covered by Thunder, Rod Stewart, David Gilmore, Jon Paul Jones, Amy Winehouse and most recently A$AP Rocky in 2015. The A$AP Rocky version is in Rolling Stones Top 50 (2015) and Triple J’s top 100 (2016).

    Our intellectual property team includes solicitors with Masters level intellectual property law qualifications and a registered Trade Marks Attorney. We have powerful contacts in the US, UK and EU which can be drawn on to protect and enforce international Intellectual Property rights. We are able to assist with all facets of intellectual property and please click here for more information or arrange a consultation today.