Increase in 457 Visas Being Granted to Irish Citizens

As indicated by the following:

  1. Almost 1000 (970 to be precise) 457 visas were issued to Irish citizens in July 2012 alone.
  2. This is a 8.1% increase on July 2011, which in itself was a growth period over July 2010.
  3. Approximately 25% of those 457s were granted in Western Australia alone (260 to be precise).
  4. 60% of those 457s were primary applicants (620 to be precise) with approx. 40% classed as secondary applicants. Primary visa grants refer to people who applied for sponsorship for their own behalf, while secondary applicants are those attached to partners’ applications.
  5. The total number of subclass 457 primary visa applications lodged in July 2012 was 14.5 per cent higher than the same period in the previous programme year.
  6. Meanwhile, grants were 26.5 per cent higher than the same period in the previous programme year.

Some other interesting statistics:

  1. The United Kingdom accounts for 22.6 per cent of all 457s granted in July 2012, followed by India (19.6 per cent) and the Republic of Ireland (9.3 per cent).
  2. This means that the UK, India and the Republic of Ireland account for more than 50% of 457s visas granted in July 2012.
  3. Western Australia remains the destination where most Irish workers are securing sponsorship with an Australian employer, followed by New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.
  4. Some 240 Irish people were granted a 457 visa in Western Australia in July, double the corresponding period in 2011, making Ireland the second highest contributor of sponsored workers to WA that month, behind the United Kingdom.
  5. Grants in the Northern Territory (75 per cent), New South Wales (14.5 per cent), Queensland (52.8 per cent), were also up.
  6. The figures show that as of July 31, a tenth of all 457 visa holders in Australia were Irish.
  7. Of the 90,900 primary 457 visa holders in Australia as of that date, approximately were 9,350 Irish citizens.
  8. The top three industries for primary visa grants in July were healthcare and social assistance (13.6 per cent), other services (11.9 per cent) and construction (11.1 per cent).
  9. Subclass 457 visa grants to Cooks, who were at the top of the table for occupations in demand, increased by 3.6 per cent in 31 July compared with the same period in the previous programme year.