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  • Many Reasons for Malaysia Emigration by Chinese

    Chinese people are the second largest ethnic group within Malaysia, and they make up about one third of the population.  However, it’s not an easy life.  There are issues of racism, instability in the political system, corrupt business and governmental practices, and many other daily frustrations that make it miserable for anyone not in the majority Malay group.

    However, anyone facing these problems can have a much better life if they leave this and go to Australia where none of these problems exist.  At The Migration Place, we can make Malaysia emigration a reality for you and your family.

    Racism Against Chinese isn’t New

    If you are Chinese and live in Malaysia you know the issues of racism are not a new problem.  Many Malays are resentful of the Chinese financial success, and as a result work towards making Malaysia Emmigration migrate to australiagovernment policies to try to harm their businesses and way of life.  Just one clear example of this is a law in place that reserves 90% of university spaces for Malaysian students. Forcing Chinese students have to compete with all the other ethnic groups for the final 10% even though they make up about 30% of the population.  While the Chinese Malays work very hard to get a quality education the systems in place do not promote this type of effort.

    In order to continue to stifle the Chinese progress in Malaysia many Malaysian interest groups assure that they have a much higher number of people in the government, military, police, and other national and state run positions.  This isn’t by accident either as they continue to make policies that make it difficult or forbidden for other ethnicities to hold these jobs.

    If you’re Chinese or any other ethnicity, you need to know that this isn’t normal around the world, and you should consider the option of Malaysia emigration, because many countries allow equal representation among all groups.

    The Electoral System is Still Flawed

    In other countries, citizens turn to elected officials to help get rid of such problems.  However, this isn’t possible in Malaysia because the ruling UMNO party has shown over and over again that they are only interested in enacting policies that favor the Malays while discriminating against the others.  Plus, since they’ve been the majority party ever since the country became independent, they’ve had plenty of opportunities to take advantage of this power.

    Their ethnic advantage began with the foundation of the country in the negotiations with the British which gave extra powers to Malays over the Chinese and other groups.  Unfortunately, we saw the same trends continue in the general election in 2013.  The same party remained in power, but the election has cultivated  many accusations about the legitimacy of the outcome.  For example, not only were there a large number of mysterious votes cast, but the opposition websites weren’t loading at the same speed as others. The website speed as well is a very concerning issue as the Malaysian government often uses digital tactics to promote or block propaganda for their specific agendas.

    It’s terrible to have to live in these circumstances if you’re a member of a minority group, and there’s a problem at a much more basic level that is going to prevent this from changing.  When donating money to political parties, there are no limits on how much a person or company can donate, and the parties don’t have to disclose how their funds are spent.  This has helped the same ruling party remain in power for so many years, and it’s going to be extremely difficult to change that.

    In many other countries, this is simply a corrupt practice that is completely illegal.

    Protesting Hasn’t Been Working

    In countries like Australia, people turn to protesting when their government is ignoring them, but this doesn’t seem to be working in Malaysia.  Many of the controversial elections have had wide protests that have gained international attention, yet nothing ever seems to change because of it.

    Recently, the Bersih 4 protests were held in cities around Malaysia, and we again saw how much the government can do to cause trouble to anyone trying to speak out against them.  There were major actions of censorship, and many websites were blocked that shared information about it.  To make things even scarier, an unknown group let out flyers threatening a “Chinese bloodbath” to scare anyone from attending. Luckily the protests happened and there weren’t any serious incidents, but it does not appear that much impact has been made from the rallies to promote the fairness of people’s rights over political agendas.

    Corruption is Just Part of Daily Life

    It appears that corrupt practices are going to remain a common thing in Malaysia for the time being.  As most Malaysian businessman know, it’s almost always necessary to resort to bribery when trying to conduct business deals, especially when the government is involved.  Again this is not a common practice that takes place in other countries around the world.  This type of activity is absolutely not tolerated in Australia, and this gives everyone a fair chance.

    How The Migration Place Can Help You Leave Malaysia

    For Chinese people living with these issues, migration to Australia from Malaysia can be a relatively simple solution for a far better future for both you and your family.  When living in Australia, you will no longer have to face the same types of corruption and racial issues that are part of daily life in Malaysia.  Additionally, the stability of the nation will allow you to safely build a nice future for yourself and your family.

    At The Migration Place, we’re experts in all areas of immigration law, and we have successfully helped many people realize their dream of going through the process of Malaysia emigration and settling in Australia.  Our team will be able to examine your particular situation and build a strategy that will have you legally residing in your new home as fast as possible.

    Options for Migration to Australia from Malaysia

    The rules about immigrating to Australia are quite strict, but there are many possible options, and this usually means that there is a potential method for people of all different backgrounds.  Some temporary visas for travel won’t really help if your goal is to leave Malaysia, but other non-permanent options could be useful.  For example, a student visa is only temporary, but it allows for time in the country and can be extended to remain and work.  Additionally, some working visas are only temporary, but they often allow for the option to extend to permanent status after a certain amount of time.  Usually, after having permanent status long enough, the holder can qualify for Australian citizenship.

    Emigrate Malaysia and Bring Family Members

    Nearly all visas to Australia allow for the holder to bring a spouse and any dependent family members for the same duration.  Additionally, there is usually a possibility for family members and other relatives who aren’t dependents to gain sponsorship by anyone holding permanent residency (and other similar situations).  So you don’t have to worry about splitting up your family if you choose to take the path of Malaysia emigration!