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  • What is a Migration Agent?

    The visa application process for those applying to Australia can be very complex.  The whole system is designed so that anyone wishing to apply can complete the entire process on their own, but many people don’t.  Because of the difficulties and challenges involved, many people choose to use an Australian migration agent to help them through the process.

    If you already feel completely lost in any part of your immigration process, you can relax and accept that you won’t have to deal with everything alone!  Please contact us and you will receive assistance and advice from a Brisbane migration agent.

    How a Migration Agent Can Help

    An Australian registered migration agent can assist you in many different ways, both in practical and emotional matters.

    First, an Australian migration expert has personally been part of the visa application process, and they can use these past experiences to know what to do when encountering similar situations in your case.  This can be extremely useful not only during routine procedures, but also for solving and avoiding any problems.  Additionally, although a migration agent will have fees that you wouldn’t pay when completing the process yourself, they can generally save you money because of faster completion times which allows you to move your life forward.  Another great benefit of an Australian visa agent is that they will answer any questions that you may have much faster than the government is able to.  Also, their services can be extremely beneficial in the long run because they can help you understand the rules to avoid receiving a rejection on your application, and they can make sure you won’t make any mistakes that will lead to any other penalties in the future.

    It’s also important to think about your emotional state during the application process.  It can be an extremely stressful procedure to go through, and it can make a huge difference to know that you have a friendly migration agent standing next to you.

    Your Responsibilities with an Australian Migration Agent

    Even when an Australian registered migration agent is helping you, it is still your responsibility to provide accurate and correct information.  You need to make sure that you don’t make any false claims or submit any documents that aren’t truly valid, and you can face strict penalties if you break any of these types of rules.  However, a migration agent will have you sign some paperwork that allows them to complete many legal practices on your behalf.  Therefore, you will be able to relax in many situations while the migration agent submits forms or engages in discussions with immigration officials.  Among other things, the government will seek information from your agent, send any written communication about your application directly to them, and consider any communications that they receive from your migration agent as if it was sent by you.

    Benefits of The Migration Place

    The Migration Place is a full-service firm that can offer you all the benefits of an Australian registered migration agent, as well as the knowledge and privileges that come with fully licensed attorneys.  Also, our office is in Brisbane, so we are the perfect solution to anyone seeking a Brisbane migration agent.

    Our firm has many experts with varying levels of experience, certifications, and levels of knowledge.  Additionally, many of them come from an international family background, so they understand the excitement and challenges that come with immigrating to a new country.  Also, we have attorneys who can speak about 14 different languages, so we can most likely accommodate you even if you aren’t comfortable always communicating in English.

    Parting from an Australian Migration Agent

    Although it is rarely the case, it’s possible that an applicant would become unhappy with their migration agent.  When this does occur, there is a simple method that allows for the cancellation of their relationship, and the applicant can find a new migration agent or complete their process alone.  At The Migration Place, we are able to assist you with this process in the event that it isn’t working out with your current Australian visa agent, and we can ensure that we will bring you back to the feeling of security that you deserve.