Minimum wage increased for 457 visas - Migration Place

As of 1 July 2013, the minimum wage for 457 sponsored work visas has increased to $53,900 per annum plus 9.25% super (or $58,886 inclusive of super).

This change is retrospective, and applies to applies to all applications where the associated nomination has not yet been approved, regardless of whether it was lodged prior to 1 July 2013.

This equates to :

1.     $1036.54 per week plus super (or $1132/week inclusive of super).

2.     $27.28/hour plus super (or $29.79/hour  inclusive) based on a 38 hour week.

These figures are gross (before tax is deducted).

Generally 30% of the age is deducted on a PAYG basis.

Adjustments can be made for allowances, car/phone packages etcetera but these need to comply with the requirements set by the Migration Act, and you should seek advice from an experienced migration lawyer to ensure he salary package meets the requirements of the Migration Act.

If you have applied for a 457 which has not yet been processed, then check your application to ensure the new minimum wage is provided, or your 457 application will be refused.