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  • The Migration Place has been helping UK citizens emigrate to Australia since 2002

    The Migration Place has focused on the UK market since we started offering migration and visa services in 2002, and can help with every aspect of the move – from arranging the visa, to providing the suite of legal services that a new Australian needs!

    Since the Brexit vote, many of our clients have been referring their UK friends to us – it seems Brexit has operated as a catalyst for UK citizens who had postponed the decision to move!

    We would love to help anyone seeking to move to Australia…after all, this country was established by the UK back in 1788…you could say that most of our population postponed when they would make the move, and you should follow before we close the door! The reality is Australia is at the top of the list of countries people want to migrate to – it is beautiful, it has good weather, a good standard of living, it is endowed with bountiful natural resources, and it cannot be easily accessed by other countries. This means the demand is getting increasingly high, which means the processing queues and requirements are getting longer and tougher…so why wait until it is too difficult to get in!

    Over a decade ago, we joined the Queensland Department of Business Development, to present trade shows in the UK designed to attract high net worth business people to Australia. The seminars aimed to educate UK business people on Australia’s visa rules and economic/ business considerations, and we have delivered these throughout the UK in London, York, Manchester, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Belfast. We have become a referral point for UK Municipal Authorities and Councils when they need someone to arrange Australian visas (generally for the children being relocated to Australia for adoption of foster care purposes). Over this brief period we have also seen the visa rules get tougher and tougher (and the reasons to emigrate from the UK to Australia have become more clear and distinct).

    We have also been fortunate enough to assist a wide range of clients – whether it be car manufacturers looking to set up a plant in Melbourne (, the winner of “Best Job in the World” (Ben Southall), or MMA champion James McSweeney.  We’ve assisted clients negotiating FIFA contracts with first division English football teams, we’ve secured distinguished Australian talent visas for respected international directors and retired rugby stars and basically helped the whole range of UK clients secure Australian visas and then set up their entire legal operations and requirements. We even have an experienced English barrister on our team (who migrated here 3 years ago), and one of our Registered Migration Lawyers is based in England to help with any matters where we need someone in England.

    Our depth of experience in UK migration means we have a sophisticated understanding of all of the migration issues faced by UK citizens – from visa through to property purchases, tax structures, government grants and subsidies, asset protection, and estate planning (to avoid UK death duties and to ensure the estate can utilise all tax concessions available in Australia for deceased estates).

    Indeed, we handle everything that a UK citizen needs when coming to live on the biggest island in the World!  We’ve helped our clients access government networks designed to boost business activity, we’ve set up the ability to access generous government research and development grants, we’ve sorted many cross-border issues that need to be ironed out during the migration from the UK to Australia including identifying the most cost effective way to set up future tax structures.

    We handle all visa types, visa refusals, health and criminal record waivers,  and removing bans imposed by our immigration department. All of our registered migration agents are legally qualified lawyers, and we get referred work by migration agents who do not have the legal qualifications necessary to properly seek the help of the tribunals and courts to fix any errors made by the Immigration Department. We also provide expert evidence services on visa law to other Law Firms who need experts to advise the Court.

    We can help you: