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Australia’s $$18 Billion dollar international education trade shrinks 15% yet still remains Australia’s third most valuable export:

The value of Australia’s international education trade shrank 15 per cent last financial year, with a reduction of A$2.7 Billion from an industry worth A$18.5… Read More

Have you just received a bridging visa (BVA)? Do you have a BVA and need to apply for a new visa, but can’t because more than 28 days has passed since you were granted the BVA?

It is important to get the correct advice on the effect of a bridging visa, and what you need to do. If a bridging visa… Read More

Australian businesses must ensure foreign workers have valid work rights

Officers from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) have been raiding businesses to ensure that all foreign workers have valid work rights. One… Read More

457 work visa holders can claim rent, food and relocation expenses as a tax deduction…..

Holders of 457 visas are regularly asked to live away from their usual place of residence in order to perform the duties of their employment. Read More

You can apply for a defacto visa even if you have not been together for 12 months

There are exceptions to the normal 12 month rule, and you should seek advice from a registered migration lawyer to secure this. One exception is… Read More

I am an employer – are the sponsorship undertakings a worry?

It is rare that employers have to pay on the sponsorship obligations, but nonetheless it is a risk best avoided. Employees can arrange insurance to… Read More

Australia ranked third in the World on the 2011 prosperity index released by The Legatum Institute.

The Legatum Institute recently released its 2011 Prosperity Index which ranks countries according to a range of economic, governmental and personal freedom criteria. Australia ranked:… Read More

Health Test Threshold raised to $35,000

Visa applicants need to pass a health test. To pass the test, the visa applicant must not have a health condition which is… Read More

Understand your visa conditions, or you may jeopardise your ability to get another Australian visa.

You must comply with and understand all visa conditions, and be truthful on all representations made to the DIAC. Your entire life history is considered… Read More

Temporary residents in Australia will lose access to the Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA) as of July 1, 2012

The Australian Treasurer announced (on 1 December 2011) that temporary residents in Australia will lose access to the Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA) as… Read More