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I have sponsored a partner before, can I do it again?

There are limitations on sponsoring partners. You are allowed to sponsor two partners within a lifetime and there must be at least five years between… Read More

How long does the process of a visa application take?

The indicated processing time of your visa application depends on many factors. The following general comments can be made: ‘Processing time’ means the time after… Read More

I want to migrate to Australia. What are my options?

There are many different pathways for obtaining a visa to migrate to Australia. Every person is different and it clearly depends on your situation which… Read More

What is a Bridging Visa?

A bridging visa allows you to temporarily stay lawfully in Australia while: You are awaiting the outcome of your visa application;  You are waiting for… Read More

What is Citizenship?

As an Australian citizen you have all the same privileges and responsibilities as a person who was born here. You can officially call Australia ‘home’. Read More

What is Permanent Residence?

As an Australian Permanent Resident you are allowed to live and work in Australia with the same rights and benefits as an Australian citizen by… Read More

What is Temporary Residence?

Temporary Residence means you may remain in Australia with certain benefits on a visa that has a limited time of validity. Australia’s Temporary Residence Program… Read More

How do I get my skills assessed?

We organise this for you as part of our fixed fee of $4,000.00. We need to apply to the Skills Assessment Authority on your behalf… Read More

How do I know if I am eligible for State or Regional sponsorship?

We will research this for you as part of our initial (fixed fee) advice. You can also look at… Read More

Do I need to sit an English test?

People from the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and the USA only need to sit an English test (IELTS) if they need extra points for… Read More